Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Testimonial From Trisha Luxton

How many owners of Dartmoor Hill ponies with such a vast acreage to search in could find and catch the exact pony they want on a Saturday evening with failing light. Under normal circumstances if you went to view a pony and were taken up on to open moor land  you would think to yourself ‘ these people are barking mad’.  I had given up hope.
Margaret Rogers and Michael Lamb had us looking over 1000 hectares on this particular Saturday evening, head lights were on, we were on our way back to their farm  and then we hear  ‘stop, chestnut over there Michael’
It was the one we wanted to look at, up pops his head and over he comes to us. Getting him off the moor was just as easy, he loaded on the side of the road.
We have bought 3 roan ponies since 2009 and cannot fault them. All 3 Roans are now driving and Robin the chestnut we received 3 weeks ago is now in training. They are for our project which is to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust and they are going to be driven in pairs from John O’Groats to Lands End next year.
They are so easy to do a delight to own and my theory is if they were dogs they would be Labradors.

Margaret’s ability to place you with the right pony is quite remarkable.

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