Saturday, 9 April 2011

9th April 2011

Lambing Live
Its official we are lambing live! Ist born twins this morning, Mike was there to delivery safely into this world. Life just doesn’t get any better, a warm spring like morning birds singing and blue skies. We are lambing late this year as we knew that with all our commitments stacking up best to delay a few weeks; hope that this will prove to be the right decision? All I need now is for the swallows to come home and life will for a short time be perfect!

Farm cider
Great news all now racked off into the whiskey barrels. Still “lively” I believe the expression is. So best left to mature on and settle for a few months. Looks every inch the part with the barrels stacked up in the granite barn. Both my Grandfathers were keen cider men, one drank it, the made it, I do hope they are following our progress ?

Dartmoor stallion
Having ranted on in my last blog about removing the stallions from the moor, the very next day my boy jumped through a thorn hedge and out over a five bar gate to grasp at freedom. In no time he was back on the high moor sorting through the mares re establishing his lear. Amazing to watch BUT so very frustrating for us as we firmly believe the only way forward on the ever contentious issue of the Dartmoor pony is by birth control. The only option open to us at the moment is stallion removal. However all not lost, most of the mares appear to be foal from last year and by a stroke of luck he ventured back into the village 2 days later and we nabbed him. How we are going to keep hold of him is another matter, but we will do our best.

Dartmoor heritage foals
Need to think through my sales campaign and will be having some more social media training after Easter to focus me on this. I HAVE to sell last years 2yr olds and I have a couple of 3yr olds to go. I will not be defeated. I must believe I can sell at least 10 ponies all handled micro chipped with passports. Any constructive feed back will be gratefully received.

North Hall Manor
Mike and I are starting at last to feel the dream has begun. Yesterday our dear friend John Earle came and took pictures of the site just as we bought it. This is the start of the story about to un fold. Thursday and Friday we have Ross Dean conducting a geophysical Survey on the site. We are excited about this and can’t wait to see what secrets and archaeology remains lie beneath the surface? The next instalment will be interesting – We hope! Onwards & Upwards ! This mood cant last.