Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Inspired again to get on with the blog still not completely understanding any of this and thank goodness I’ve got Jo. Everyone should have a Jo! At last we have broadband in the farm house, yes wireless! No more fighting with dial up or stood on a windswept hill searching for a signal. Yipeeeeee.

Last weekend in January 2011 freezing cold, no mistake with this statement it was freezing raw and damp, real Dartmoor weather, gets into your bones. The frogs must have known this, still no sign of spawning I was starting to get concerned a good two weeks late fromlast year. The snowdrops only just peeping above the ground. Whilst missing the tadpoles i did have a bonus and see at quiet close range two fallow deer grazing, the wind must have been in my favour to get close. Poppie soon thundered in and scared them off up across the moor.

Sunday 30th Dartmoor ponies again, Michael having his usual hissy fit at basically anything Dartmoor pony related. So walking back Gracie from the other side of Widecombe with her two foals Grey Admiral and Emperor. Weaned off Admiral dispatched to the barn for a date with the Vet Microchip & passport tomorrow. I previously commented Mike and I never get used to performing this enforced separation. The pitiful anxious calls from Mum walking away from the farm and baby separated securely in the barn, this goes on all night and most of the week! Next running in the foals with a lot of help as they enjoy giving us a good run up the road. Separating out the two I did not have the heart to cull Little Joey and Sir Lancelot great names don’t you think? Ironically I have persuaded two friends to take on as foster homes. I do hope after this experience we come out still as friends. I will post on photos to plot their progress this year for all to see. Not finished yet loading up five foals for handling with the DPHT centre in Bovey Tracey delivering. Will be gone now for three days. By now another half of day gone by, plus part of the evening.

31st Jan arranging for a Mike and Helen to take charge of the Vet chipping, pass porting and the removal of what is now the “infamous” green ear tag from my darling sweet mare. I cannot comment further as still I am furious with this incident. Moving swiftly on, this took yet another half day away from work for both Helen and Mike, not to mention the Vet fees.

2nd Feb back in from day’s work, it is cold and dark late and we are tired and hungry, but onward hitch up and drag into Bovey to collect the now handled foals. Met with Dru and had an interesting up date, characters their development with socialising encountering us for the first time on the end of a rope!

5th Feb the mare with a hole in her ear plus the weaned foals to go out of the barn and back to the field and the other foals. I must ring the farrier and get out to the three mares that I’m currently spoiling with VERY expensive feed. Another half day plus the cost. I can feel another argument coming on!

6th Feb GREAT just great the moors now alive with the spawning frogs and its everywhere. Thank goodness I was worried we had been deserted. Clearly the frogs knew better and worked around the previous weeks freezing weather conditions. The boys coincidently have disappeared from the moor gate. (the Dartmoors Bob Andy & Sunny) Snowdrops well up now. There is hope; spring might be on its way.

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